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p i n e a p p l e [♔] q u e e n

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[001] As if...
Title: I see you.
Fandom: D.Gray-Man.
Claim: Lavi.
Rated: T.
Advertisement: shonen-ai, hints of LaviYuu, YuuLena and established (kinda) Yullen.
Disclaimer: DGM belongs to Katsura Hoshino-sensei.
A/N: English isn't my first language, sorry for the grammar mistakes. I will really appreciate that you tell me my misspellings.

I see you.

He was wondering whenit started.

“I always believe that it was between us.” Lenalee said.

Lavi blinked a couple of times before he politely asked again what did her say.

Kanda”, she whispered.

The red-headed boy sighed and returns to his lecture, he did not want that his grandpa gets angry again thanks to the forgetting duty. Although the young Bookman couldn’t read more than a few pages; not when the words that Lenalee told him yesterday were occupying his mind, damnit, it’s driving him insane.

“I always think that the real match was only between us…I thought that Kanda didn’t have anybody beside us, Lavi.”

As I do too, Lena’, but in that moment Lavi could only smile before begged her pardon and go away, far, he doesn’t want to think about it. He really does not want to break his denial; Bookman hadn’t had heart, never, period.

Nevertheless he started to wondering how it begun. Lavi doesn’t mean to think about his crush on the Japanese male, he already had been through it once time ago. But this time is different, the boy asks himself about the strange, weird, relationship within his two best friends, and how he couldn’t notice before.

“Love, it cannot count as duty of a Bookman to register, indeed if that doesn’t intervening in the History, it can be ignored.”

That old panda, he is so damn helpful’ Lavi thought bitterly. Really, he knows about it, he only wants to know that if his grandpa noticed the romantic’s feelings between Allen and Kanda.

“It wasn’t like that at the beginning”, Lenalee answered when Lavi asked about the item some days after the first conversation, “At first I believed that Allen was in love with you, that was pretty obvious since my dear little brother only had been having eyes for you”.

Lavi almost spited his coffee.

“Come on Lavi, did you really can’t notice?” the girl sighed with compassion, “Poor Allen, his first love was a jerk that never knows his real feelings towards him.”

“Sorry”, He cuffed his head, “What can I say? I never want to hurt him, I won’t”.

“I know, and I am sure that he knows that too.”

“But, why was me?”

“That is something I can’t answer, as if I want, actually I don’t”

Lavi only could nod.

He can remember some times, a few of these, when Allen looked at him more time that the polite. He always thought that his little pal was only worrying too much about him, that Allen needed to pay more attention about him than the others. But now that Lenalee told him about the little crush on him, Lavi begun to wonder when the feelings towards himself turned off, and instead developed in a mutual companionship with Kanda, since Lavi doesn’t really know about the true nature in that relationship.

It has become so fucking hard, and at some point of the way he doesn’t even know about his real feelings, it was painfully obvious that Yuu-chan cannot return his feelings; at the first place he didn’t have any.

“Hey Kanda, wait!”

“Che, walk faster you stupid bean”


But Kanda waited for him. Lavi cans see the entire scene throw his position behind the window of the second floor, Lenalee pat his shoulder with empathy next to him.

“Y’know…it’s rather painfully, but I guess that they form a beautiful couple”

“You are right”.

Maybe he does not need to know how or when it started, or, who and why Allen had been in love first. Because nowadays they are perfectly fine, being together.

It’s only a matter for time for him.

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Aw, that was pretty cute :3
Though I noticed grammatical errors here and there, so you might need to check it again, but the story itself was cute. And the way you inserted hints of laviyuu, kanlena and yullen? /That/, I liked very much :3

Oh sorry, I didn't read the A/N. I'm really sorry xD;
I see so English is not your 1st language :3
Maybe you can search for a betareader to help you out ;)

I will search for one, @.@, thank you for the comment I am glad that you like it (even with the mistakes orz).


ja ja lindo!!!! laviiiii!!!!

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